Screw The Office. I’m Working From Bed, And I Get More Done

You should try it too

Martina D.
2 min readSep 27, 2022
I’m also shopping for a new black blazer to wear to meetings, though. /Photo: author

“I hate Tuesdays,” said Stef every Tuesday without fail.

“Like, Mondays are actually ok. Your mind is cleared from the weekend and you’re ready to be an adult. But you wake up on Tuesday morning and the hype is gone. Reality catches up. It builds this block. Then you have to sit here all day without getting anything done. Tuesdays are such a waste of time.”

I agree. I normally work on Sundays, and I love Monday mornings, which means Tuesdays can be a bit of a comedown.

Also, I might have had two glasses of wine last night. They were celebratory. But now I’m feeling them all the same.

Dragging myself to the office would definitely do more harm than good. I know I can get more done working from bed. I’ve done it many times before, and the proof was always in the pudding.

You should try it too.

Why working from bed actually works

No wasting time digging in the wardrobe or making sure my hair is smooth.

I don’t have to make myself miserable first thing in the morning by stepping out into the freezing cold rain, when I already have a sore throat from yesterday’s first serious spell of…



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