Let It Roll — A 45-Day Writing Challenge

A quest to forget.

Martina D.
2 min readSep 21, 2022


You know things are bad when it’s cake for lunch. /Photo: author

Today my boyfriend left me.

Join me as I adjust to being a single girl in London again.

To make myself forget how much I miss him, I’m challenging myself to write every day for 45 days.

Why 45 days?

Everything’s temporary.

So will be my home-alone freedom. He left me to tour the US with a band for exactly a month and a half. After that, I will need to re-adjust again. To his presence. You know, to tripping over nests of far too thick and long ipad and iphone chargers everywhere, picking up random discarted trainers from everywhere, and finding petrol receipts everywhere (including under his pillow).

Right now, I’m missing all of it a little too much. And a little too early — he’s still only just flying over the Atlantic as we speak.

Anyway, I figured I should keep myself busier. I figured that alongside the running of my (tiny) publishing business, running an eBay pre-loved clothes shop, running after other people’s pets to make even more extra cash, and looking for a full-time remote job involving an actual employer (a total shock to the system for me, especially after everything I’d previously wrote about here on Medium), a nice daily writing challenge should make sure I don’t have any actual time left to overthink.

It should make sure I don’t dwell on the stuff I can’t do anything about, and just let our days apart roll by as they may.

Given everything I’m currently doing I shouldn’t run out of things to write about (but let’s be real, it will happen eventually).

I’m probably just being super naive about this whole thing, though, I mean 45 pieces of writing is an awful lot.

I’ll deeply appreciate any advice or emotional support from anyone who decides to follow this challenge along, if only just to cheer me on.

Because I can already see myself ripping my hair out halfway through.

So let’s do this.

-hits submit super fast to block any possible change of mind-



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